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You were here and gone
Or so it seemed to me
My whole life you were there
But you arrived long before I
Was it worth it?
This time you have spent with us?
Those answers are now buried with you

The years ahead of me seem blank
If only I could have known what you felt
Was this life for you an adventure?
Or did you simply endure?
Through the good and the bad
Were you ever vigilant?
Or did you simply wish to fade?

These thoughts that I have trouble me
I wish I could turn back time
What would you tell me
If I could share one more word with you?
Those days are gone
I have only myself to blame
For placing this rift between us

But I knew you, even if I didn't know myself
You would lead me through the dark
Even when the darkness was my own
You kept by my side, even when I turned you away
I know now, how much it meant, how I should remember
Even though you are gone, it is but for a time
In heaven's peaceful valley, I see you again

So now, I put these fears to rest
Just as you did so long ago
And press on, to make my own way
This is my story, the ending yet unwritten
Thank you for the courage you gave me
Now I see you are always there
Even though we are worlds apart

So I do not say goodbye
But instead I will find you there
In heaven's embrace
My story fulfilled, my life having flourished
This is my honor for you
To repay you for what you gave me
Until then, when we again meet

I will forever hold your memory
In my heart
I have been pretty torn up this week. I had a close family member pass away this week, someone who over the years I had felt myself growing distant from. I had never intended it to happen, but I let myself get so caught up in the world of work and just life in general that we got further and further apart. Now it's too late to undo it, but I had to write this to help clear my conscience. It is not Pulitzer material by any means, but it made me feel better writing it. I hope that all of you can find something in it that touches your heart.
KayMayD Featured By Owner Jul 23, 2009  Hobbyist Photographer
i love it... it's so well written and so heartfelt... I enjoy it...
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